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An Uncommon Honeymoon
Librarian and the Spy Escapade #3
By Susan Mann
Releasing December 26th, 2018

Shelve under: Spies, Russian, Librarian Spies, Conspiracies.

Librarian and rookie CIA covert operative Quinn Ellington revises her honeymoon plans when she and her brand-new spy husband uncover a drug trafficking ring stretching from the Caribbean to St. Petersburg. Turquoise waters, white sand, and intra-agency relations provide a lush backdrop for raiding enemy strongholds, tailing movie stars, and dodging more than a few bullets. Meanwhile, Quinn’s unique skills prove indispensable in luring a dangerous villain into the proper trap.

In An Uncommon Honeymoon (Librarian and the Spy Escapade #3) by Susan Mann, Quinn Ellington is married at last, but not even the honeymoon means she can take time off from being a spy. However, investigating a drug trafficking ring isn't going to be easy, especially when her brand-new husband is so protective of her. But the closer they get to catching the bad guys, the more Quinn is needed, especially when it comes to luring a very dangerous villain into a trap. Will Quinn's unique skills be indispensable, or will she barely escape her hardest mission yet?

This series just gets more and more intriguing and captivating in the way the stories provide plenty of action; the perfect combination of suspense and romance; and a fast-paced storyline that had me wondering whether Quinn and her spy husband would come out on top against the bad guys, considering what they go through towards the end of this book that had me on the edge-of-my-seat due to the danger they face. 

The way this story started had me really excited to read this story, as what Quinn and James are doing sets the fast-pace of the book. However, it was the characters that made this story very intriguing and exciting, as Quinn finally gets to use her skills as an operative to take the lead of the case, as being a woman has its advantages, especially when it comes to manipulating powerful men. Certainly, Quinn is strong, brave and I liked how she handled herself with every dangerous situation she found herself in. I also liked the tight bond she shares with her family, as they give her advice and encourage her to do her best, especially since marriage isn't always easy. 

Overall, Ms. Mann has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between the hero and heroine was strong; the dialogue a wonderful combination of intense moments due to the suspense and teasing banter between Quinn and James that had me smiling; and the ending had me concerned for the main characters due to the danger they face, but had me liking how things work out for them in the end. Then again, the last line of this story has me thinking there's more to come for Ms. Mann's Librarian and the Spy Escapade series, which I'm looking forward to. I would recommend An Uncommon Honeymoon by Susan Mann, if you enjoy romantic suspense or books by authors HelenKay Dimon, Katie Ruggle, Kate Serine and Dawn Ryder.

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Author Bio

Susan Mann has a BA in history from UCLA and received her MA in library science from San Jose State University. Over the years, she has worked in public, special, and academic libraries. She and her husband have one college-aged daughter and live in Colorado. This is her third novel.

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Bargaining with the Boss
Accidentally Yours #1
By Jennifer Shirk
Releasing January 15th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

Kinsley just wanted to have some fun for a change. Then she wakes up in a stranger’s bed, with her bridesmaid dress on backward and a hazy memory of what happened at her friend’s wedding. With a quick escape, she can get back to her predictable life. But then she meets her new boss—the same guy she’d woken up next to—and seeing him with a clear head doesn’t make him any less attractive.

Mixing business with pleasure has never been Damon’s style, and easily avoided, but the hotel he just bought comes with an unexpected perk—its manager. “Sensible” Kinsley today is as alluring as “impulsive” Kinsley was the night before, and she talks him into a deal. If she can turn around the hotel by the end of summer, he won’t tear it down to put up a more profitable condominiums.

Their plan is simple…until falling for each other becomes more than they bargained for.

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In Bargaining with the Boss (Accidentally Yours #1) by Jennifer Shirk, Kinsley has always been seen as the 'sensible' one, so waking up next to Mr. Gorgeous the morning after attending a wedding is the most irresponsible thing she's ever done, especially once she discovers he's also her new boss. Even worse, the hotel that once belonged to her family is now owned by him, and unless she can find a way to turn things around, she could lose it forever. Will bargaining with the boss be a good thing, or will Damon St. James break her heart?

What a very entertaining, fast-paced read Ms. Shirk has delivered in this first book of her new Accidentally Yours series, which I read from start to finish in one sitting because of the main characters that had interesting back stories and made me sympathize with their decision in not wanting another relationship; the dialogue had me smiling because of the challenge the heroine provides the hero, as she does everything she can to convince him to allow her to save the hotel with the ideas she has; and the storyline had me loving the obstacles these two have to overcome to be together, especially since it seems the hero holds the heroine's future in her hands and falling in love with him could end in disaster if she's not careful. 

The way this story started introduces the heroine and part of her back story really well, and it's true that she can't let what her fiancé did keep her from finding happiness again. Really, why should she let her ex-fiancé's words continue to hold her back? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face for the first time in this story that completely drew me in, as the hero is charming and definitely brings out a little flirtatious side in the heroine, which had me laughing at the heroine's dialogue in this moment. 

Both the main characters were relatable, likeable and kept me entertained from start to finish with their back stories, their growing relationship and their strong chemistry, which just keeps getting stronger and stronger as the heroine challenges the hero to give her a chance before he makes any big decisions that could impact her life. Moreover, the heroine is strong and brave with everything she's through, especially when it comes to the things her fiancé said to her. Yet, in saying that, I liked that she didn't allow his words to continue to hold her back and that she would do anything to prove her fiancé wrong, which is proven in the moment when she finally faces her past. While the hero, he's been through a lot in his life too and I could understand why he has such guilt because of what happened to his brother. Yet, in saying that, I liked that he finally faced his past too, so he and his father could have a better relationship. I also liked how determined the hero was to give the heroine what she wanted, especially after things go awry between them and he has to fight for their relationship.   

Overall, Ms. Shirk has delivered a wonderful read in this book where the ending had me loving what the hero does to win back the heroine after their relationship goes awry. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up brilliantly, as Damon has such a great surprise for the heroine. I would recommend Bargaining with the Boss by Jennifer Shirk, if you enjoy books by authors LE Rico, Jody Holford, Annie Seaton and Sonya Weiss. 

Damon pierced her with his blue-eyed gaze for several long seconds, as if debating something in his mind before finally taking hold of her hand. “Good night, Kinsley.” Then he leaned in and brought his mouth across hers. Once she got over the shock of his lips on hers, she kissed him back, tightening her grip on his hand for balance.

Oh, but he had a nice, soft, giving mouth, like their lips were two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together. The world around her disappeared as he wove his hands into her hair, tilting her head back. He trailed light kisses down her neck, bringing every nerve in her body to high alert and begging for even more of his touch. She’d never felt like this before with a man—maybe it was the excitement of him being a virtual stranger or maybe just the man himself, but her body came alive. She didn’t want it to end.

And for once in her sensible life, she wanted to do the insensible thing.

She eased back slowly, gaining confidence when she heard him exude a low moan. “Um, yeah, well then.” She licked her lips, growing dizzier when she tasted him again. “On second thought, maybe…we don’t have to say good night just yet. I mean, if you’re still interested,” she hastily added.

A slow, lethal grin stretched Damon’s lips as he took hold of her hand again. “Yes. I’m definitely interested.”

Jennifer Shirk is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of sweet (and sometimes even funny) romances for Montlake Romance and Entangled Publishing. She loves coffee, wine, the people living in her house and God. (Not necessarily in that order). Strong literacy and library advocate as well.

She resides in a beach resort in NJ, so when she's not writing or working on her tan, she's taking care of her most treasured possessions: her husband, daughter, puppy (Sox) and four hermit crabs.

Lately she's been on a serious exercise kick. But don't hold that against her.

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Tying the Scot
The Highlanders of Balforss #1
By Jennifer Trethewey
Releasing November 27th, 2017
Entangled Publishing

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At age eleven, Alex Sinclair pledges an oath to the Duke of Chatham promising to serve and protect his illegitimate daughter, Lucy FitzHarris. Nine years later, the duke unexpectedly takes Alex up on his vow, offering the future Laird of Balforss his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Now a man, hotheaded Alex has difficulty convincing Lucy—who would rather starve to death than marry a vulgar Scot—to go through with the arranged marriage. Once Lucy arrives in Scotland, she cannot resist the magic of Balforss or the allure of her handsome Highland warrior. But when Alex seemingly betrays Lucy right before their wedding, she is tricked into running away. Alex must rein in his temper to rescue his lady from unforeseen danger and Lucy must swallow her pride if she hopes to wed the Highlander she has come to love.
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In Tying the Scot (The Highlanders of Balforss #1) by Jennifer Trethewey, years ago Alex Sinclair vowed he would do whatever it takes to protect Lucy Fitzharris, the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Chatham. But wanting to marry the duke's daughter just to honor the vow he made isn't going the way he thought it would, especially when convincing Lucy that he's not a vulgar Scot seems impossible. However, just when things seem to be going right for the pair, Lucy finds her heart breaking in two when she sees something she shouldn't. Will Alex be able to make things right with the woman he wants to marry more than anything, or will their chance at happy ever after fall apart?

What a captivating start to this series Ms. Trethewey has delivered in this book where the main characters thoroughly entertained me from start to finish because the heroine challenges the hero and it seems Alex can never do anything right by Lucy. How long will it take the heroine to forgive the hero's deception? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine came face-to-face for the first time that had me hooked, as this couple have intense chemistry that just keeps getting better and better with every moment they spend together whether they're getting along or the heroine is mad at the hero.

The way this story started had me feeling sorry for the heroine, as her engagement comes as a shock as to the man she'll be marrying. Why did she have such high hopes of marrying someone she only thought she loved, instead of holding out for love with the right man? However, in saying that, I loved that she gave the hero a chance after a while, as he proves himself over and over in being able to handle her indignation when they first meet and then more when she discovers what he's been hiding from her.

As for the dialogue, it was intense due to the main character back stories and everything they go through on their journey to happy ever after including someone plotting against their union and the fact that the hero must make things right between the pair. Will Alex be able to win Lucy over? Will Alex be able to protect Lucy from those plotting against their union? Will Lucy be able to eventually trust Alex, if he continues to prove himself a good guy to her? Moreover, the heroine is resilient and courageous in dealing with everything she goes through and I liked that she challenged the hero. While the hero, he's a good guy despite the fact that he deceives the heroine in the moment they first meet. I also liked the tight relationship he shares with his family and that they would do anything for each other. Yet, what I liked most of all about the hero was his determination to protect the heroine from hurt because of his past and someone determined to take her away from him. Will Alex be able to keep Lucy safe?

Overall, Ms. Trethewey has delivered a fantastic read in this book where the chemistry between this couple was strong due to me feeling as though the heroine sees the hero as the enemy because she wants another man; and the ending had me liking the lengths the hero goes to for the heroine, as she means everything to him and he wants her in his life. I would recommend Tying the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey, if you enjoy Historical Romance, the enemy to lovers trope, or books by authors Alyssa Alexander, E. Elizabeth Watson, Tara Kingston and Vanessa Kelly.



Silent Threat
Mission Recovery #1
By Dana Marton
Releasing January 2nd, 2018
Montlake Romance

A former Navy SEAL, Cole Makani Hunter has returned home from a disastrous black ops mission without his best friend, his hearing, or the use of his right arm. So when his ex–commanding officer assigns him to an undercover mission at a rehab center for vets to discover who leaked sensitive military information to an enemy, he’d rather be anywhere but there. Almost immediately, Cole finds himself at odds with Annie Murray—a peace-loving ecotherapist whose dream is to open an animal sanctuary out of her home. While the two seemingly have nothing in common, their spirited arguments soon fuel a passion for each other.
But just as things begin to heat up between therapist and patient, dangerous complications arise. So does the past—and a shocking revelation that puts Cole and everything he now holds dear in the path of a murderous traitor.
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In Silent Threat (Mission Recovery #1) by Dana Marton, Cole Makani Hunter was injured badly in the mission that cost him his best friend. So, in order to start healing and get back to living his life the best he can, he's assigned an undercover operation by his boss in order to find the person responsible for leaking sensitive military information. However, nothing is ever simple, especially when he finds himself falling for peace-loving ecotherapist, Annie Murray; a woman that has her own troubles with a stalker. Will Cole be able to find the information he needs and keep Annie safe, or will he lose Annie before their relationship has a chance to grow into something more?

I've only read a couple of books by Ms. Marton, but I've got to say that I loved this opening book of her new Mission Recovery series, and can't wait to see what comes next for it. Really, there was everything I love in a romantic suspense within this book such as enthralling characters that are so opposite that it makes things extremely interesting; compelling dialogue that was a fantastic combination of suspense and romance; and an entertaining storyline that had me wanting to know whether Cole and Annie would get their happy ever after, especially with everything they go through. Will Annie be able to forgive Cole once she learns his secret? Will Cole discover who Annie's stalker is before it's too late? Will Annie and Cole survive the danger I know was coming towards the end of the book?

With the main characters, both entertained me from start to finish with their back stories and their interactions that had me laughing at the times Cole mocks Annie's therapy methods when it comes to tree-hugging. Moreover, the hero and heroine are both resilient in being able to overcome everything they've gone through in their pasts that's made them the independent and hard-working people they are determined to help others. I also liked how determined the hero was to protect the heroine, even though it's not easy because he can't tell her his secret. While the heroine, I liked how good she is at her job and that she would do anything to help a patient, especially when it comes to handling grief due to what happens to one of the secondary characters. 

Overall, Ms. Marton has delivered a really good read in this book where the chemistry between Cole and Annie was powerful; the romance showed how good these two are together; and the ending had me worried for the main characters because of the danger, but had me liking how things work out for the best for this hero and heroine. However, it was the last chapter that wrapped this story up perfectly, because Annie's family curse has finally been broken, which is proven by her being with Cole and their wonderful surprise. I would recommend Silent Threat by Dana Marton, if you enjoy romantic suspense or books by authors Laura Griffin, Zoe Dawson, Lynn Raye Harris and Katie Reus. 


His Outback Nanny 
Prickle Creek #3
By Annie Seaton
Releasing January 15th, 2018
Entangled Publishing

Jemima Smythe is over the world of fashion. But when her dream of teaching falls through, Jemmy is determined to show her hometown she’s ready to put down roots. Three beautiful and boisterous kids in need of a nanny offer her an opportunity to prove just that. But their smoking-hot dad, Ned, offers her another—become his wife, as a matter of convenience only.

Ned McCormack is at his wits’ end. A single father to three kids, he quit the city and moved home to the Australian Outback in order to spend more quality time with his family. Unfortunately, the farm needs a lot of work. Just when he’s ready to give up, help comes unexpectedly in the form of a supermodel mistaken as his wife-to-be. 

Not a bad arrangement, if only they can stick to the rules of their strictly-business marriage—no kissing and absolutely no falling in love allowed.

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In His Outback Nanny (Prickle Creek #3) by Annie Seaton, Jemima Smythe is home and ready to start a new career as a teacher, as long as she can find a job. However, for the time being, she's determined to get some experience with kids and what better way to do that than offer Ned McCormack help with his children. Jemima never imagined being Ned's wife would feel as good as it does, but when it comes time to walk away, it's not easy. Will Ned and Jemima give their marriage a real chance, or will they walk away from their chance to be completely happy?

Having really enjoyed the first two books of this series and getting to know a little about Jemima, I couldn't wait to dive into this book, and I've got to say that it's the best story yet. Not only because it encompasses the brother's best friend trope, but because the main and secondary characters were fantastic; the dialogue was a wonderful combination of intense moments and enthralling banter between the characters; and the storyline had me loving the obstacles these two had to overcome to be together. Will the pair be able to protect the kids from hurt when they go their separate ways, especially since the kids come to love Jemima so much? Will both be able to stick to the arrangement they've made without things getting too complicated? Will Ned be able to let go of his past to give a relationship with Jemima a real chance?

Both the main characters were relatable, likeable and I loved every interaction between them, as they begin to get to know each other again. I also liked the heroine's interactions with the hero's children, as she wins them over and it isn't easy for her to be able to walk away. Yet, the heroine is resilient, brave and I liked how hard she's worked to get to where she in her life. Really, she's done well for herself in her modelling career, but I liked how determined she was to become a teacher and hopefully prove she's more than just a pretty face. While the hero, I liked how determined he was to make things better for his children by making the move that he has in order to spend more time with them after losing their mother. I also liked that he takes Jemima up on her offer, even though it's not easy for him to take advantage of such fortune. 

Overall, Ms. Seaton really impressed me with this book where the chemistry between this pair was intense; the romance on the sweet side, but definitely showed how right these two are for each other; and the ending had me so happy that the hero makes things right with the heroine because Ned needs Jemima to fully heal from his past. However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up nicely because of the heroine's surprise. I would recommend His Outback Nanny by Annie Seaton, if you enjoy the brother's best friend trope or books by authors Fleur McDonald, Nicki Edwards, Margaret Way and Rachael Johns.